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General data protection regulation (gdpr)

On 25 May 2018, the most important European data protection law in 20 years will come into force. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive. The GDPR strengthens the rights of individuals with regard to their personal data. It aims to standardize data protection laws across the European Union, regardless of the country in which the data is processed.

You can rely on our commitment to comply with the GDPR for all LOGYx services.

Your responsibilities as a customer

LOGYx customers typically act as controllers of the personal data they provide to LOGYx as part of their use of LOGYx’ services. Data controllers define the purposes for which personal data is collected and how it is processed. The data processor carries out the processing operations on behalf of the controller. LOGYx is a data processor that processes personal data on behalf of data controllers when they use LOGYx.

The data controllers are responsible for putting in place adequate technical and organizational measures to ensure and prove that data is processed in accordance with the GDPR. Their obligations relate to the principles of legality, equity, transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization and accuracy, and respect for the rights of individuals with regard to their data.

If you are a data controller, you can find guidance on your responsibilities under the GDPR by regularly visiting the relevant section of the website of your national or lead data protection authority (where applicable).

The content of this website is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be construed as such.


LOGYx holds itself to the highest standards when handling and processing personal information. The declaration below sets out the scope of what LOGYx processes and what you, as a customer and data subject (“users”), have the right to do. This privacy statement applies when you use our features and services (“services”). In addition, we have a Cookie Policy for the use of our websites.

Your personal data

Personal data refers to identifying information pertaining to an individual. Identification may be through the data alone or in conjunction with other data held or likely to be held by the data controller. LOGYx collects information solely to provide you with the services you have chosen. We may ask you for personal information in order to provide you with our products or services, including answering your questions.
If you choose not to provide the information requested, we may not be able to provide the services you require. Most LOGYx services are provided under a LOGYx account, and you may delete your LOGYx account if you no longer require the service or wish to have your data deleted.

Examples of the data we collect and store include:

Your email address, which is used as identification for our services and as the main method of communication.

Your name, address, telephone number and additional contact details are used to provide registration, shipping and billing verification services.

Your IP address and unique device identifiers are used for fraud prevention, security, warranty registration, support services and transactions. Other information that you provide to us by digital or physical means may be stored on a case-by-case basis depending on the reason it was provided.


Non-personal data


LOGYx may collect additional information which, in itself, cannot be used to identify a specific person. This information is used to facilitate our business operations.

For example:Device analysis is activated and used to understand how our users interact with our products and services.
The information collected cannot be used to identify our users or the data they store on their devices.

We collect single-session information from our users as they browse our websites, including help articles, to understand which topics are more important and whether the content is relevant to our users or potential customers.

Legal bases and other uses

LOGYx only collects and processes personal data for which you have given your consent, when required for the performance of a contract with you to provide a specific service, or in certain cases of “legitimate interests” which do not override your rights and freedoms.

The situations requiring such action may involve protecting you, ourselves, or others against security threats, in order to comply with the laws to which we are subject and to carry out audits.
LOGYx may only share your information with third parties with your consent, or as part of the performance of the contract.

LOGYx does not share your personal information with third parties for direct marketing purposes.

Your rights regarding your personal data

LOGYx services are typically provided on an opt-in basis, with the information required and collected differing per service. Unless you benefit from an exemption, you have the following rights with regard to your personal data:

The right to delete data: You can ask us to delete data we no longer need to provide you with a service.

The right to correct or modify data: You can change your contact details via your LOGYx account. You can also ask us to modify, update, or correct data that is presented incorrectly and cannot be edited by yourself.

The right to object or to restrict the use of data: You can ask us to stop or restrict the use of all or part of your personal data that we no longer need for the performance of a service, or that we are no longer legally entitled to retain.

Right of access: You can request a copy of any personal data that we hold concerning you at that time.

You can make these requests by submitting an application via your LOGYx Account or via our website. Upon receipt, we will assess your request and inform you of how we intend to proceed. In certain circumstances, and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in the European Union, we may refuse access to your data, or refuse to modify, erase, transfer or restrict the processing of your data. LOGYx will respond to your request within 30 days of receipt.


Service provision

This privacy statement applies to services provided by LOGYx on all and related sites, LOGYx brand applications, services provided via LOGYx physical products («LOGYx Devices») and digital or physical services provided directly by LOGYx ,unless otherwise specified. A list below details the services provided.

LOGYx account
By creating an account, you can access several LOGYx services, such as LOGYx Agent, LOGYx Instructor and technical support. We collect basic information from you to facilitate communications and provide services to you.
LOGYx does not use this information for other purposes.
LOGYx does not share this information unless otherwise specified for the specific particular service.

Information on specific features is provided below.
You may delete your LOGYx account at any time. However, we may not subsequently be able to provide you with certain services. Deleting an account, including all data related to that specified account, cannot be undone LOGYx may keep certain data to meet our legal obligations, which differ by service.


The purchase of licenses, whether a one-off purchase, subscription, or purchase via an application, requires a LOGYx account. We collect certain information from your LOGYx device for licensing purposes, including the product serial number, IP address, MAC address, and the registered LOGYx account. We store this information for license verification purposes when applied to a LOGYx device.

Activating and updating packets typically requires an Internet connection to our servers. We identify your LOGYx device with a unique device ID.

For the purposes of record-keeping and future troubleshooting, we may keep track of information such as update actions, etc. We can use the information collected via activation or updates to validate your license status.

LOGYx shares only aggregated statistics that do not contain personal information to our partners, licensees, and license holders.

LOGYx shares only aggregated statistics that do not contain personal information to third party developers.

Comment nous utilisons vos données

LOGYx chiffre les données brutes reçues, puis les analyse pour produire des résultats lisibles par l’utilisateur. Les données brutes ne sont jamais partagées avec des tiers. Les ingénieurs de LOGYx et les équipes de gestion des produits peuvent utiliser des informations agrégées pour analyser les tendances d’utilisation afin de prendre des décisions informées sur nos futurs produits, applications et services. Dans certains cas, LOGYx peut choisir de partager un très petit sous-ensemble de ces statistiques agrégées avec des partenaires sélectionnés. Les informations que nous partageons avec nos partenaires sont des résultats strictement agrégés et anonymes.

How we use your data

LOGYx encrypts the raw data received, then analyzes them to produce results that are legible for the user. Raw data is never shared with third parties. LOGYx engineers and product management teams may use aggregated information to analyze usage trends to make informed decisions about our future products, applications, and services.

In some cases, LOGYx may choose to share a very small subset of these aggregated statistics with selected partners. The information we share with our partners is strictly aggregated and anonymous.

Technical support

Data collected

You may request assistance from LOGYx’s technical support department via our website, by direct email to or by telephone. LOGYx collects and stores the information necessary to analyze, respond to and resolve your request for technical assistance.

When you make a telephone request to LOGYx’s technical hotline, personal information, including your name, e-mail address, phone number and details of your LOGYx product, will be recorded in our systems. You may view, monitor and respond to your help desk ticket via a direct and private URL.

In certain cases, you may be asked to provide remote access information. In some cases, LOGYx technical support personnel, with LOGYx software engineers, may use the identification information provided to access your device directly. 

How we use your data

When submitting a technical assistance request form via your LOGYx account, you must provide the essential product information needed to search for, respond to and resolve your request.

During the investigation phase,LOGYx may request additional information as required to resolve the problem. Depending on the complexity and severity of the request, the support ticket may be sent to LOGYx parties who will analyze, respond to and resolve your request.

The information disclosed to the parties involved is strictly limited. LOGYx restricts access to raw and aggregated data by specific employee roles.

LOGYx only uses the information received via requests for technical assistance to resolve your problem.
After removing your personal information, we may use some of the technical details to generate bug reports if the problem was previously unknown, in order to implement a solution for our products.

How we store your data

LOGYx restricts access to raw and aggregated data by specific employee roles.

LOGYx will keep the files you upload for your support ticket, LOGYx until 90 days after the ticket is resolved.

LOGYx retains any remote access information you provide until the ticket is resolved.

LOGYx retains communications and investigation records for at least three years for internal audit and statistical purposes. If you wish to delete your personal information from our systems, you may choose to delete your LOGYx account. We may choose to keep the technical details of the problem, such as the steps to reproduce it, technical details of the environment and measures taken to resolve it.


LOGYx uses several data protection methods to minimize the risks of misuse, unauthorized access and disclosure, and loss of access. Some of these safeguards include the use of pseudonyms, data encryption, data hashing and other authorization control technologies and methods. When our employees handle or access your personal information directly, they do so on secure networks and through specific authorization control to limit access to your information. The data you provide to us is encrypted and held in third party storage and on devices managed by
LOGYx, depending on the service.

LOGYx records and stores IP addresses on our web services for security purposes only. This log is archived and subsequently deleted at irregular intervals depending on ongoing or existing security threats or investigations. If LOGYx has irrefutable evidence that certain IP addresses, users or devices may damage or hinder our operations or quality of service, we may refuse other services and / or report such behavior to the relevant authorities.

Amendments to the privacy statement

LOGYx may make changes to this document where necessary to reflect statement updates, customer feedback, and new products or services.
We will provide a brief overview of the changes, and if there is a change to the way we process or handle your data or affect your rights, we will inform you by direct message or by publishing notices if we are unable to reach you directly. We encourage you to read this privacy statement regularly to understand how your data is processed.

Données provenant d’enfants

LOGY products and services are aimed at professionals and are not designed or intended for use by children under the age of 13. LOGYx typically does not collect date of birth information because it is not used by LOGYx.
If children under the minimum age of the relevant jurisdiction are to use LOGYx products and services, explicit parental consent must be provided and certified. If LOGYx is informed or discovers that the data collected comes from a child below the minimum age, we will take the necessary steps to delete this information as soon as possible.


Do Not Track

LOGYx does not track users to provide targeted advertising and will therefore not respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals.

Notice to end users

Some LOGYx products or services may be managed or administered by organizations or other users. Your use of such LOGYx products or services will be affected by the conditions or policies provided and dictated by the organization or service provider. Please address all requests in these cases to the device or service administrator. LOGYx may not be held responsible for confidentiality or security or legality practices that our customers may adopt or implement regarding our products and services, disregarding LOGYx’ policies or prior agreements.

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