Pre-select your future security officers

We are aware of the major role played by security officers in the airport sector, and our Evalya tool has been specifically designed to help you pre-select candidates for this position.



to the requirements of regulation 2015/1998


minutes to profile a candidate


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Are you recruiting for the airport security sector?

Secure your recruitment process with Evalya

Recruteuse dans un aéroport

Evalya helps you to

  • Secure entry to training
  • Meet international and European regulatory requirements
  • Identify the profiles with the best characteristics to be an agent


A pre-selection platform designed for the airport sector

Specifically developed for the airport security sector, our 100% web-based platform offers 4 test modules that take into account the complexity of your environment.

Evalya includes

Simulation imagerie

A high-performance testing tool tailored to the safety and security professions

Simulation imagerie

An administrator area to manage your pre-recruitment


Psychological tests

We measure discretion, rigour, stress management, rapid decision-making and responsiveness in sensitive situations. We also measure candidates’ interpersonal skills, confidentiality and integrity.


Rapid profile analysis

With interfaces tailored to the needs of the sector, Evalya enables profiles to be analysed quickly and efficiently.


Psychotechnical tests

We identify candidates with good visual and radioscopic imaging analysis skills.


Get tailor-made results that can be adapted to your needs

Evaluate candidates individually and compare them with each other. Obtain a relevant analysis via a personalised summary.


Support from a team of experts

Our tool has been designed and is supervised by a team of experts specialising in the fields of psychology and human resources.


Module sequencing

Our modules are flexible and adaptable to your needs: you can select only certain modules or integrate specific tests.


Technology that meets quality requirements

Our Evalya solution meets the quality requirements demanded by the relevant authorities.


100% web


Trusted cloud


IT security


RGPD compliance

Make your recruitment easier with Evalya