Skillboard, tour safety and security training platform

Train yourself or manage your staff’s training thanks to our 100% e-Learning training platform.

Online training
Who for?
For continuous performance improvement

Manage your team’s safety and security training in-house

Expert in airport safety and security

Skillboard enables you…

  • To have an in-house e-learning platform
  • To optimize your staff’s time, between field and training
  • To have interactive and regulatory-compliant training courses
  • To comply with the regulations concerning your staff’s training

Skillboard, the new e-learning solution for safety and security

Train your staff independently in line with their needs, using educational and 100% web-based training. 
Online training

Real-time tracking

Assign training courses to your staff and partners in a single click, and track their progress in real time.

100% online

All courses are 100% online. Your staff can train at their own pace, wherever they are.

Downloadable certificates

Your training certificate can be downloaded from your personal space.

Cross-company management

Your training certificate can be downloaded from your personal space.

Responsive support

Our customer service is responsive and guarantees you as prompt an answer as possible.

Immersive training

Improve your teams’ learning experience with our immersive training courses including videos, 3D simulations and customization.

Would you like to train your staff using skillboard?

Optimize your teams’ learning time with our e-learning training platform.

Technology that meets quality demands

Our e-learning software meets the quality demands of the relevant authorities.

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