Assess safety and security officer’s skills

Improve your officers’ skills and qualifications by creating custom certifications.
logyx certify
The tool

Create your own certifications

LOGYX CERTIFY, a dedicated tool for safety and security personnel certification.
Logyx certification tool
A 100% customizable software tool
Our software enables the theory and practical tests to be tailored to the tasks your staff are assigned and the equipment they use.
The certification therefore provides formal and independent proof of your staff’s proficiency.
Images from operating equipment
Our 2D and 3D imaging library is made up of real images from the field. We select them to reflect the operational environment and the findings of the threat and risk analysis.
A certification management tool
Our solution allows you to manage your certification process from A to Z. It includes planning and holding exams, the administrative aspect of certification sessions as well as managing exam rooms, invigilators and fees.

Reliable and efficient technology

LOGYX CERTIFY complies with the security and confidentiality levels expected by the authorities.

100% web


Trusted Cloud


It security


GPDR Compliance


Reliable and efficient technology

In addition to providing the LOGYX Certify solution, LOGYX will guide you through the design and implementation of your certification process.

  • Pre-certification phase
  • Certification platform configuration and deployment phase
  • Maintenance phase

Looking to Implement a Certification?

Our Certification Solution Adapts to Various Security Domains


Avion icône


Maritime, Air, Rail, etc.


Avion icône

Public Facilities

Museums, Sports Facilities, Shopping Centers, etc.


Avion icône

Sensitive Infrastructures

Ministries, Public Buildings, Hospitals, Courts, Power Plants, etc.


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