Train and certify your screening officers

Train your staff in the use of the latest generations of security equipment – 2D single/dual view and 3D, and improve their detection rate based on field baggage.
Combining malicious acts prevention and facilitation

Train your screening officers

formatrice en imagerie radio pour les opérateurs d'aéroports

Logyx Detect helps you to …

  • Train your officers on a 100% online CBT without installation
  • Train your officers to detect any type of threat
  • Meet regulatory obligations in safety and security
  • Train your officers for certification

Logyx Web includes…

Simulation imagerie

Screening simulator

  • Reproduces the functionalities of operating machines
  • 2D single-view, double-view and 3D baggage displays
  • Varied training content: cabin baggage, personal effects, hold baggage, freight and mail, in-flight supplies and airport supplies, bags and personal effects
  • Real content from operations, representative of different passenger typologies and from partner airports around the world.
Simulation imagerie

Training and monitoring area

  • Create your own training content
  • Manage your training courses using our different levels of control
  • Monitor your officers’ progression
  • Benefit our support service to answer your questions

Would you like to train your operators with Logyx Detect?


A solution compliant with aviation regulations and standards

Our certification software meets the quality requirements demanded by the competent authorities.

100% web


Trusted cloud


IT security


RGPD Compliance

With Logyx Web

A database containing images of baggage in operation

The images of baggages come from different partner airports around the world, enabling you to create exercises that are as close as possible to real-life operations, wherever you are and whatever you are securing.
  • 2D single view image library
  • 2D double view image library
  • 3D image library

Our services

LOGYX Detect assists users and configures the tool for optimum use of its features, and our support team is on hand to answer any questions.
Images relevant to your field
Our image database can help you adapt training content to your business sector. We can help you define exercises using images from the areas you are securing.
Continuous operation
With 100% web-based solutions, our information systems are always available, so you can work with peace of mind, day and night.
Our support team, based in France, answers your questions and guides you through the use of our solution.
IT security is one of our major challenges. Our cybersecurity experts monitor our infrastructures and protect your data.
LOGYX Detect enables users to track their progress through global and individual statistics.
User training
Administrators and instructors are trained when LOGYX Detect is installed.
Support for project managers
LOGYX assists with the installation and configuration of the tool, for a service that meets user expectations.
Educational kit
In addition to LOGYX detect, LOGYX offers an optional case dedicated to theoretical training in screening.