LOGYX’s Radiographic Training for French Ministry Entrance Security

22 February 2024 | Training

LOGYX provides specialized training for security agents stationed at the entrance of a French ministry to enhance their skills in analyzing radioscopic images. This blog emphasizes the importance of security agent regulations in France, governed by the Internal Security Code and the 2005 decree. Agent missions include access control, surveillance, and managing security systems. Mandatory training covers various subjects such as conflict management and emergency procedures. LOGYX offers specific training, DETECT, on the use of X-ray devices, improving agents’ ability to detect threats. The standardization of this training contributes to strengthening the credibility of security professionals.

Regulations of security agents

Regulations of security agents can vary from one country to another, but there are generally common standards and requirements. In France, the regulation of security agents is primarily governed by the Internal Security Code and the decree of September 6, 2005, relating to private security activities. Private security companies must declare their activities to the NCPSA (National Council for Private Security Activities) and comply with legal obligations related to their sector. These regulations aim to ensure the security of individuals, property, and infrastructures. Regarding security agents stationed at the entrances of French ministries, they have specific missions depending on the ministry in question, and security requirements vary accordingly.

A security agents’ duties

Security agents are often responsible for controlling access to the ministry, which involves verifying the identity of individuals entering the premises and checking visitors. They also have a surveillance mission for installations (buildings, parking lots, and other sensitive areas) and must identify and report any suspicious activity and potential incidents. Additionally, conducting regular patrols inside and around the ministry’s premises is a common task, serving to deter undesirable behaviors and quickly detect any problematic situations. Security systems such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and electronic access controls also fall under the responsibility of security agents, who oversee their control and management. A notable trend in the sector is the installation of detection and control equipment at the entrances of sensitive locations.

Security agents must also be equipped with a professional card, which is an official document issued to those performing private security functions. Generally, this card is mandatory in many countries and is issued by a competent authority, often the NCPSA in France, or similar organizations in other countries.

The importance of training

Regarding the training of security agents, they must undergo specific training before performing their duties, covering topics such as conflict management, emergency procedures, surveillance, and learning local laws and regulations. This training is mandatory and varies from country to country. Increasingly, security agents stationed at ministry entrances must use X-ray devices. Radiographic imaging, in the context of security, refers to the use of radiographic devices or explosive detection systems (EDS) to visually inspect the contents of objects, luggage, or parcels without physically opening them. These devices are often used in places such as airports, government facilities, embassies, conference centers, and other locations where security is a priority. Agents may not necessarily need to undergo this specific training despite having to use the devices in their work, leading to deficiencies due to vague regulatory guidelines (training hours, etc.).

LOGYX offers training on these devices, providing optimal and comprehensive knowledge of equipment to effectively meet the security demands of ministries. With LOGYX DETECT, agents have the opportunity to be trained and certified in the field of radiographic imaging. Personnel thus have access to training on the use of the latest generation safety equipment – 2D single/dual view and 3D. The images used for agent training are taken from real baggage and come from various partners worldwide to create exercises that closely simulate real-world scenarios, regardless of the agent’s location or the place to be secured. Training can be conducted in-person or online.

Towards the standardization of training

Through its DETECT solution, LOGYX aims to improve the detection capability of individuals working at the entrances of sensitive government infrastructures. The training offered by LOGYX to the French ministry has demonstrated that through training, the performance of agents is increased. Training personnel in imaging using a standardized method helps develop recognition and credibility for a professional within their community. LOGYX can assist you in this process, let’s get in touch: Contact@logyx.fr.

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